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Posted by RRabbit427 
Problem with English translator...
July 28, 2007 12:00AM
I have just downloaded Jedicut 2.1.7 and am having slight problems with this, since I am using my laptop for cutting foam with my 4aupcwhcpkg ( and do not have a parallel printer port on my pc so I must use the usb port, and really would not like to spend 200 usd for the gmfc software as well as the 45euro usb conversion device with that. So I am set to save some money and excited about this jedicut software.

THe problem begins initially when I first click on the jedicut.exe file I first recieve a error "Violationd'access a l'adresse 004793B4 dans le module 'Jedi.exe'. Lectrue de l'adresse 00000000. I can only click on OK so I do so, another ereur appears saying "Ficheier de langue absent : "filedestination.xml", only option again is to click ok... I do that and then the program pops up, I go to "Aide" then to "Preferences" click on all the little tabs, and chose english... I hit ok then... but nothing has happened... so i exit out of jedicut and this error appears... erreur de chargement de la librairie de communication, only option is to click ok... so i do...

The other thing I have tried is to go to the "Lang" titled folder and click on the english.xml file... i click on this it opens up internet explorer and tells me this error "The XML page cannot be displayed" cannot view xml input using xsl style sheet. Please correct the error and then click the refesh button to try again... An invalide character was found in the text content. Error processing resource 'file... same file destination previously talked about...
<!-- Envergure & Decalage

I basically take it that I do not have the a translator on my computer or something long those lines please help, I am not ver experienced with anything in these lines of computers but do now a decent amount... Thank you for your help already and would gladly take criticism.... I know there already other posts on this subject but are not as detailed in this manor (atleast to me) and if this would happen to another person Im sure it would be a great deal of help to read the advise given...

Re: Problem with English translator...
July 28, 2007 11:08PM
Well I have figured out my problem on my own but for others... just basically go and extract all the files in the jedicut.exe and then repeat the usual options/preferences, and it should work... if you move your program though it seems to hiccup and wants to go back to french... repeat and rinse and all is well...
Re: Problem with English translator...
July 29, 2007 08:27AM

You seem to have solve your all problems, congratulation winking smiley To use Jedicut, you need to unzip all file in the directory of your choice.

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