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Posted by Stefano 
Dynamic heating test problem
August 20, 2008 12:14AM

I have a problem with the dynamic heating test function of version 2.1.9.
I'm using a mm2001 with turbo boards in winxp.
The whole set works perfectly, no problem with the constant wire heating,
but when I try to configure and test the dynamic heating,
the wire moves as expected, but it doesn't warm up; the led of the board doesn't light up too.
I can't change the values of the pins relative to the wire in the communication setup panel, maybe is it normal?
Any help will be very appreciated.

Thanks to Jerome for the fantastic work.

Re: Dynamic heating test problem
August 20, 2008 07:44AM

Do you try the constant wire heating with Jedicut, or just using the manual control of your board ?
o you try dynamic heating control with the right panel of Jedicut or do you try this functionality on Jedicut settings, or during a wing cut ?

Actually you can't modify the pin value of the heating control but it's normal. If you use MM2001 board, this configuration is right.

Re: Dynamic heating test problem
August 20, 2008 12:19PM

I use only the software controlled heating.
If I cut using either a value in percentage or a preset value for the given material the heating works fine, as displayed by the led of the
electronic board, but if I try using the new window to setup the dynamic heating, the motors rotate to perform the test but the
wire doesn't warm up. Same thing changing the DLL of the controller.

The problem persists only in the new dynamic heating window, not elsewhere.
In that window the speeds don't change too as they should, I can change the % of heat but without feedback.

Thanks for the fast response.

Re: Dynamic heating test problem
September 03, 2008 08:10AM

What Jedicut version do you use ? Do you take a look at Jedicut online help page ? What CNC board do you use ?

If you use MM2001 or compatible board, the dynamic wire heating control has to work sad smiley

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