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Posted by Snookie 
New vwesion
March 08, 2009 11:10PM
Hi Jerome,

I tried jedicut, but i still have to get the dynamic heatcontrol to work.

I am planning on building the xavier usb-cnc convertor.
(i have the g-code available for iso-milling if anyone is interested)

are you planning on updates for your software ?

I switched back to GMFC for now (because of the dynamic heatcontrol not working yet)

I hope i can get it to work on the xavier usb convertor.


Re: New vwesion
March 09, 2009 08:41PM

If wire heating control works with GMFC, it has to work with Jedicut. Can you post your Jedicut.ini file content ? Wire heating control works with Xavier USB convertor too.

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