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Posted by birdofplay 
Set ups for HobbyCNC board
September 24, 2010 08:51PM
I am using an old win98 Laptop by Toshiba.
It uses LPT2 not LPT1 and that is on 378

I am amazed that Jedicut figured that out
I have found NOT setting to actually select that address.

I have built and tested my HobbyCNC board on all 4 axies.
I used a Parallel port monitor program to single step for testing.

Jedicut only works FOR ME with VisualCNC.dll and
only in Manual when I set Dependence ON

Then, two motors run OR if I choose Oblique all FOUR motors run.

So the Motors DO Run but that is the extent of my limited success with Jedicut.

1. I cannot change speed by FAST or SLOW or by changing settings on the Options pages.
I have tried a zillion combinations.
2. I cannot get only ONE motor to run. Only with Dependence on, then 2 motors.
3. There does not seem to be a direction change in the manual mode

Is there a DLL specifically for HobbyCNC ?

Is there a clear set up posting or page that I can review and work from ?

Thanks for any insight or assistance

Bob Neitzke

I use this Laptop on my Flatbed CNC machine.

As I am using an older OS, on an Older PC, I am severely Limited
because NONE of my other options work this machine.
Re: Set ups for HobbyCNC board
September 24, 2010 10:32PM
Hi !

Do you have an external timer ?

There is a french post where users send there Jedicut's configuration :,365

I think that HobbyCNC works fine with MaxCom.dll (a french user use it) or with CncNet_XP.dll (a french user use it too).

Re: Set ups for HobbyCNC board
September 24, 2010 10:45PM
Thanks for quick reply !

I have NO external timer.

What frequency should it be IF I make one ?
Could it be a simple 555 timer circuit ?

YES , that MaxCom.dll does work to a slight degree.

I just cannot get the Speeds to change no matter the setting.

I am using .009 mm / step

My board is set to 1/ step mode by jumpers and my motors are large NEMA 35, 6 wire Superior Electric. ( blue )

IF I get everything set correctly and working ...

Can I use Profili G-code, Converted to DXF , as Input to Jedicut ?

Thanks again

Re: Set ups for HobbyCNC board
September 25, 2010 06:37PM
Never mind !

I quite attempting to get better results in the Manual mode
and simply Tried one of the samples.

To my surprise AL the motors started running.

They all exhibited variable speed and directional control.

So until I finish my hardware I have no more questions ! :-)
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