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Posted by birdofplay 
Profili and Jedicut interface - File Preparation
November 14, 2010 01:26AM
I'm very new to Jedicut.

I've built my HobbyCNC board and run some of the Jedicut files on it
with the steppers all just sitting on my bench.
I put tape on the shafts to watch them rotate easier.

What I currently have in addition to Rhino is Profili Pro 2.8 or whatever.
AND possibly I should be asking in the Profili forum, but here goes ...

After setting up a Wing panel with Foil, spars, etc in Panels Management I save and then ...

I have found that doing the 4-axis output as Dat does not work.
That is to say IF I save individual dat files for root and tip THEY are invisible in Jedicut ???
IF I select in 4-axis output as DXF then importing it and re exporting it as dat DOES WORK !

Is there a secret to this tedium ?

Does Jedicut prefer a specific "Type" or " Version of DXF ?


After Profili does a wonderful 3D simulation it outputs a Complete 4 axis DAT file if you choose.

Is there any way to actually USE that file in Jedicut ?

I currently get a very confusing and obscure display when doing that.

As you can see, my biggest problem is file preparation.
I already have a CNC router and cut lots of foams parts.

The Finer nuances of 4 axis operation just seem to be elusive.

ANY pointers or primers would be helpful.

Thanks in advance.

Re: Profili and Jedicut interface - File Preparation
November 18, 2010 01:13PM

I don't Profili software anbd I don't know its file format. Do you know if I can find document describing this format ?

Re: Profili and Jedicut interface - File Preparation
March 10, 2012 04:18PM
You can download the demo...

The developer is very good about responding to Emails...winking smiley
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