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Posted by Tomas 
Problems with the Wizard
January 13, 2011 09:25PM

I've been for the last days trying to figure out what i am doing wrong with the wizard.

If i load the same cut file (.dat) in the two windows with different lenght (chord) i can use the wizard to place my piece of foam in the correct place with the correct sweep it works great.

If i load two different files it goes crazy when i check the Cut wizard box.

I have removed all except the profile in the cut preview. (ie only intrado and extrado left)

If i uncheck the Wizard it works, to fix the sizes of the two profiles is a pain due to the distances between the X1 and X2.

Any ideas how to make this work? Is it even possible?


Re: Problems with the Wizard
January 23, 2011 08:21PM
Hello !

I'm sorry, I think you find a case where error occurs. This wizard need a very complex algorithm, and I have to work on it... You can try to move your foam bloc on the table and try new simulation.

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