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Posted by RC of the North 
RC of the North
Hobby cnc board no heat, help!
April 16, 2006 11:06PM
Hello, I have Jedicut 2.1.1 on windoze 98 using cnc98.dll file.
motors turn correctly(external timer checked), but heating function does not.
Hobby CNC driver board parellel port pin out is as follows:
Pin # 10 = Timer.
Pin # 11 = heat feedback.
Pin # 12 = auto / manual heat control.
pin # 16 = heat.

On youe software: Tools / Options / Communication :

timer and heating boxes are grayed out and say 0.

Does Jedicut work with Hobby CNC heating function?
If so please tell me how..
I can only speak English and have to use Google language translator read French....awkward but I can get the idea..
Another question:
Tools / Options / CNC controller/
the number for the Motors how exactly is that figured out?
.003955 works but I got this from trial and error , not by math.
Motor step = .9 degree per step.
all tread = 25.4 mm per 17 turns.
Thank you for your help.
RC of the North.........
Re: Hobby cnc board no heat, help!
April 17, 2006 07:57PM

Jedicut works well with MM2001 CNC board, and it's the same board like HobbyCNC kit. The grey fields that you describe are normal, and in reality Jedicut use the same pin configuration than your CNC board.

Do you check the box "Enable heating control" ? Please post your Jedicut.ini file.

For your second question :
25.4/360*.9/17= 0.00373529 mm/pas


RC of the North
Re: Hobby cnc board no heat, help!
April 18, 2006 08:08AM
.oo373529 was a little too far 209 mm intead of 200 mm but .003955 is right on. The 25.4 mm is a conversion of 17 turn per inch ,anyway it appear that I'm having issues with my driver board.
I like your software....are you planning any updates, if so what are you going to add?? : )
Thank you for the good piece of software....RC of the North........
Re: Hobby cnc board no heat, help!
April 18, 2006 12:05PM

What about your heating control ?

I try to release Jedicut every one or two months. Actually I'm working on new features like single path cutting, and I already finished some little corrections.


RC of the North
Re: Hobby cnc board no heat, help!
April 19, 2006 03:07AM
It seems that the heat control on the Hobby CNC driver board is having issues and not software related. As I down loaded GMFC demo and still no heat.....Will keep you posted ........
RC of the North....
RC of the North
Re: Hobby cnc board no heat, help!
April 19, 2006 07:00AM
Fixed the board, wire heated up on the GMFC pe software,YEA!!!
Nothing on Jedicut, Whaaa!.
I really like the ease of use with Jedicut.
No way to get INI file to you from CNC computer....whaaa again.
I think I tried every option available...
ANything I can look for in the INI file my self????
I can follow directions well.
Its a windoze 98 machine, Hobby CNC rev.4(his latest)driver board.
ANy help would be appreciated.....Sooo close, yet so far......
RC of the North
Re: Hobby cnc board no heat, help!
April 19, 2006 07:59AM
O.K. this gets stranger.. tried it on my Windoze XP machine on wire heats up in manual mode(switch on driver board switched to maual) switched to Auto , nothing....
could it be a dll issue beteen different Rev. on board (mine is 4) or is there some setting in the operating system for the printer port?????
Re: Hobby cnc board no heat, help!
April 19, 2006 10:45PM
It's very strange, it seems to work well with MM2001 and HobbyCNC is the same board. Do you configure materiel, or do you use direct heating value ? It's a stupid questin but do you enable heating control in Jedicut ?
What's your speed configuration ?


RC of the North
Re: Hobby cnc board no heat, help!
April 20, 2006 06:17AM
Wire heats up in Jedicut in manual mode on the Hobby CNC board(switch on board set to manual not auto).SO at least manal is working. When I first power up the driver board in with switch to manual the LED lights up and bow has power when i tell it to move say 200 mm it moves and the led goes out(and no voltage to bow).
The only thing I did with GMFC is do the test heat in maual and auto, as I do not really want to use that software.
Speed fast = 5.
Speed slow = 10.
Re: Hobby cnc board no heat, help!
April 20, 2006 08:05PM
Are you saying that after 200mm Jedicut cut the power of the manual heating ? It's look like crazy. In fact if manual heating is ready, you can use Jedicut without heating control until I find a solution :/


RC of the North
Re: Hobby cnc board no heat, help!
April 21, 2006 12:02AM
No before, light stays on at beginnig.and only 1st time at power up..light does not come back on.
Finally was able to get the ini file off of my windoze 98 Se.
do not know if this will help but here it is......

; Cycle de découpe par Défaut
; CycleDecoupeAile=nombre de phase:type:valeur:lissage:vitesse:qualification:
; Exemple avec une horizontale et une verticale de 10 et 20 avec lissage vitesse découpe, déplacement compté



; DllCommunication=Dll choisie par l'utilisateur

; Etat du Panel de Déplacement (1-non, 0-oui)

; Etat du Panel de Déplacement (1-non, 0-oui)

; Langue de l'interface (=au nom du fichier xml sans son extension)

; Configuration des dernières opérations utilisateur sur le panneau de contrôle

; FirstLoad=1 si c'est le premier lancement de Jedicut

;coeffPas=Nombre de mm effectués par pas du moteur
; 0 : Sens Normal
; 1 : Sens Inverser
;bitHorloge=Bit d'Horloge
;bitSens=Bit de Sens






; Activer / Désactiver le contrôle de la chauffe (0-non, 1-oui)

; Lire le mode de gestion de la chauffe sur le port // (0-non, 1-oui)

; Liste des materiaux
; ListeMateriaux=nb materiau de la liste:materiau1:valeurChauffe1:materiau2:valeurchauffe2

; Liste des bits nécesaires à la gestion de la chauffe

; Synchroniser / Ne pas synchroniser les moteurs avec le timer externe
Re: Hobby cnc board no heat, help!
April 21, 2006 04:25PM
In this Jedicut.ini file, I see that you don't check "Enable Heating control". Is it your last Jedicut.ini file version ?


RC of the North
Re: Hobby cnc board no heat, help!
April 24, 2006 08:36AM
Sorry for the delay... didn't check the software before I grabbed the file..Yes it is NOW checked LOL.
I think its harware related, talking with the maker of the board...will keep you posted....
Keep up the good work.................
RC of the North....its getting warmer........
RC of the North
Re: Hobby cnc board no heat, help!
May 06, 2006 03:38AM
Ok.board totally controlled by GMFC sofware.
with Jedi cut only works when board heat switch set to manual.
and yes heat is set to on and box checked for sencing manual/auto. winking smiley
this is on windoze 98se and windoze XP, using the corrisponding dll files....
please help.......
Re: Hobby cnc board no heat, help!
May 06, 2006 09:18AM

I hope I'll have new informations soon to solve that problem.


Re: Hobby cnc board no heat, help!
February 20, 2007 03:09AM
With the latest Jedicut version 2.1.6 build 0, when I am in the COMMUNICATION page (under options), it does not allow me to change the pins configuration on the heating and timer options, only works on the motors configuration. I tried checking boxes here and there, but is the 'drop-down' pin menu faulty or how do i change the heating pin configuration as it needs to be set up to my Hobby CNC board Rev4.??
Re: Hobby cnc board no heat, help!
February 22, 2007 09:13PM

It's normal. I choose to block that settings because all board I know use the same pins. Another reason is that Jedicut have to strictly control your settings if you don't want to burn your computer motherboard, and I don't want to do mistakes winking smiley

Steve Henne
Re: Hobby cnc board no heat, help!
February 26, 2007 09:27AM
Dear Jerome,

Thankyou, because I am sure i would have blown something up, but you are right- the heat and timing pins settings worked 100%- no need to touch any of these settings.

Cheers, Steve
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