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Posted by doron 
How to make Jedicut universal
March 04, 2012 03:14PM
Development idea :

Background : There is an explosion of new low cost CNC controller boards coming from all over the world (mostly from china)

Problem: Many times it is a real challenge making them work with Jedicut.

1) Every new 4 axis controller board comes with instructions of how to make it work with Mach3
2) A limited used Mach3 is FREE and anyone can download it.
3) User will get his/her machine to work all 4 axis under Mach3 and create a 'profile'
4) In Jedicut, ask the user for the location of his Mach3 and name of 'profile'.
5) Have Jedicut call the Mach3 DLL with all the correct parameters from the 'profile' (the SDK is open and free to download a version of the DLL works on all windows)

Now the fantastic Jedicut is sure to work with ALL boards that work under Mach3 (99.99%)....

Do you accept the 'challenge' ?

Re: How to make Jedicut universal
March 04, 2012 10:50PM
Hello doron,

super thread, but many work for Jerome.
(he must the Jedikut-Work generate to G-Code.)

Re: How to make Jedicut universal
March 05, 2012 04:46AM
No,no,no. You got it wrong.

The idea is not to go to G-code but rather just use the March3 stepper motor interface DLL and setup file. (polarity,speed,step, direction etc..)

This will be a direct replacement to the existing Machine DLL....

Re: How to make Jedicut universal
March 06, 2012 07:56AM

In a first time it will not be a replacement but another plugin of communication. But why not ! It's a good idea !

If your are a developers or if you have some knowledge in development, are interesting to program and test this new plugin ?

Re: How to make Jedicut universal
March 06, 2012 04:20PM
I am not sure anyone other then you can do it at this time.
Perhaps in the future when detailed interface documentation are available (in English) other might jump in.
Right now, I can not find out what parameters the program passed to the DLL and what 'services' the program requests from the DLL
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