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February 2

Jedicut - A little fix for a big bug

I publish a new Jedicut release with a little fix, but this one fix and important issue with all plugin of communication (except GCode's plugin).

The message you could see : erreur.jpg

You can download the new Jedicut's release on Jedicut's download page.

January 15

Jedicut 2.3.4 : Use GCode to do CNC foam cutting

The main evolution of this release is the file generation in GCode, which you can use with the interpolator of your choice (LinuxCNC, GRBL ...). To produce GCode file, you have to use the Jedicut cutting wizard (the reason is hard to explain ...).


How to produce GCode for hot wire cutting with Jedicut

To use this new feature, simply go to the Jedicut options, section "Communication". Select the "GCode" plugin.


You will see a new options page.


There are the options :

  • Directory in which the GCode files will be generated,
  • Name of the axes of the machine (XYUV, XYAB, XYZV ...),
  • Unit of measurement (millimeters or inches),
  • Unit of time for breaks during cuttings,
  • Decimal separator (comma or point),
  • Including or not comments in the GCode,
  • Start caracters and end caracters for comments ( ' ( ' or ' %% ' or other characters),
  • Mode of speed control: constant when the interpolator takes care to adapt the speed, slaved when the interpolator does not know how to do it,
  • GCode file header commands.

In summary for the file header, there are several types of commands:

  • Static commands imposed by Jedicut (I think there are universal, if not, it will need to be corrected ...),
  • Dynamic commands via free entry in the options of Jedicut,
  • Commands that can be set via Jedicut options (eg Unit of measurement).

After this configuration step, click "Machine" to adjust the speeds.

When using the GCode plugin, the settings page of the machine changes: the step and speed settings are grayed out (unusable) and the "Estimated in mm / s" fields are renamed to "Cutting speed" and "Fast speed". And in the communication options page, 2 other fields are grayed out.


Enter the values ​​corresponding to your machine, and Jedicut will generate the G1 commands according to the cutting cycle you have chosen.

If you want to switch back to your parallel port or USB port configuration, simply select your communication plugin and you recover all your settings as before.

A new plugin

To anticipate next evolutions, I created a new plugin in the options of Jedicut which is called... GCode.dll.

This plugin is for the moment an empty shell (or almost). It is currently not available on the GitHub page of Aeropassion, but the code will be published soon.

Bugs fixed / Improvements

  • 2 icons were not the right in the main menu,
  • The heating did not work when a single motor was rotated from the manual control interface,
  • An error in the management of the heating caused its malfunction,
  • Optimization of heating management in the window of confirmation of the cut,
  • The toolbar display was partially false after opening a file.
  • The background of Jedicut has some new illustrations,
  • Jedicut help files in CHM format is deleted, it is no longer open when pressing the F1 key on the keyboard. This file format is obsolete, and documentation is no longer up to date. In the future the documentation will only be on the site that I have to update.

If there are volunteers to help me writing the documentation and translate it, leave a message on the forum ;)

Jedicut translation

2 new paragraphs have been added in Jedicut translation files:

  • <FrameNavGCode1> ... </ FrameNavGCode1>
  • <FrameOptionGCode1> ... </ FrameOptionGCode1>

Only the French and English translations are up to date. All other languages ​​will have English.

If you want to translate these new paragraphs, or offer new languages, there are several possibilities:

For people who are interested in the GCode, a discussion (in French) is very animated on the forum, especially thanks to Alain who published a super guide explaining how to begin on the adventure of the GCode with an Arduino Mega, modified GRBL, and an MM2001 card (and not only...).

Here is the link to this documentation:

Download Jedicut for free on the download page.

September 23

New Jedicut release, foam cutting software

After the publication of my firt Android app that help us to count everything (Times & events), I took out Jedicut project to work on few corrections and to work on ideas you sent me. Jedicut 2.3.3 (Download page) contains some of this ideas.


Here are new features that should help do foam cutting and help us to use Jedicut :

  • Cycle of cutting : A new kind of movement for your cycle of cutting called "oblique",
  • Cycle of cutting : Jedicut show how many key points you added in your profile,
  • Cycle of cutting : New button added to delete all key points with just 1 click,
  • Cycle of cutting : Zoom in doing a selection in the drawing with mouse, and zoom out doing right click,
  • Cycle of cutting : Blue lines represent fast movement, and red lines represents slow movemet (cut speed),
  • Jedicut ask you if you want to save your last unsaved modification before closing the file or closing Jedicut,
  • You can exit all windows using escape key.

There are also many corrections and improvements like these :

  • Error when Jedicut start if it doesn't find translation files,
  • Open/Save a cutting even if no profile is added,
  • Open/Save a profile even if there is no point in it,
  • Error when opening a corrupted cutting file,
  • UI problem in Cycle of cutting window with few screen resolutions,
  • Some errors when exit Jedicut options window,
  • Improved translation management.

That's all for this new Jedicut release. I hope it will be easier to do foam cutting with Jedicut software. I'm working on some news improvements, stay tuned ;)

If you want to follow new features, you can subscribe to the Facebook fan page of Aeropassion, or to Jedicut twitter page.

If you have other ideas, you can also leave a message on the forum of Aeropassion.

See you soon !

August 25

One Android app to count everything

I'm pleased to announce the publication of my first android app called "Time and events".

The objective of this application is to count everything, manually or automaticaly.

There are few use cases :

  • Count how many flight you do with your models,
  • Count how many charge/discharge cycle you did with each batteries,
  • Follow your bank credits,
  • Follow the time remaining before next holidays,
  • To know the age of your car,
  • If you never want to be the man who forget his children's birthdays...

This app is very simple and I have many ideas to improve and complete it. Before going further I wanted to collect advices and see if it is worth continuing.

There is the link to the Play Store :

You can also scan this QR code with your Android phone or tablet : QR Code Play Store

I hope you will enjoy this app even if it's very different from Jedicut. And for people who want to learn how to program simple Android app, I start to describe all steps I have to follow on this website :

Now I start to work on the next Jedicut release. I have many ideas and bugs to work on.

January 20

A new year with a new design

Because there is still time to do it, I wish you a happy new year to you and your loved ones, full of successful cuts and crazy flights. For the rest, health, money... your family and colleagues have had to take care of :p

By early this year I took a little time to prepare a new homepage. The design changed radically, but that's not all.

This new page is based on the Bootstrap framework and aim to be responsive design. Say otherwise, this design is perfect on computer, tablet or smartphone.

Why do this instead of working on Jedicut?

First part of the answer: Google decided to penalize sites that were not "responsive design", which caused a fall in visitor numbers and inevitably a fall in advertising revenue needed to pay server.

Second part of the answer: I had some feedback on the old blue design saying readability was not good because of the white and blue contrast, and the small size of the font.

Third part of the answer: I wanted to learn something new ;)

And now ?

Before spread throughout the site, I need your advice on whether you enjoy this style, if the site is more readable than before, if the site is comfortable, and just know if you like it.

In the meantime I'll work on the site to make it disappear completely the old purple design that still exist on the older pages. They will turn blue to maybe one day turn to gray ;)

Thank you in advance for your feedback!

July 14

Jedicut move to GitHub

Few years ago I created a file repository on Google code for the plugins of Jedicut which are open source.

Google announced the end of this service, and GitHub is the logical successor. Google itself publishes its open source projects on GitHub.

For people who are interested to participate in the development of plugins for Jedicut, or to participate in the translation of Jedicut, I created a repository for each subject:

  • jedicut-devices-extensions: This repository hosts the communications plugins (the famous dll) to make Jedicut compatible with any CNC board, whether CNC board with parallel port or CNC board with USB port.
  • jedicut-files-extensions : This repository hosts the plugins to open and save files of any format. Currently published sources are the plugin to open/write DAT files and the plugin used to open DXF files.
  • jedicut-translations : this new repository hosts Jedicut translation files.

I published an article on TortoiseSVN. It's no longer valid with GitHub which is based on Git system, and not on SVN system.

For my part, I choosed to use TortoiseGit, one of the best graphical UI for Git.

Don't hesitate to ask questions if you need help to participe to Jedicut developments.

March 25

Beta Jedicut : improvements and corrections

Because of lack of time, I don't have reworked Jedicut, except to help people on very particular problems. I re opened the Jedicut project for 2 months and I suggest you download the new beta release

This release offers two new evolutions to simplify the use of Jedicut:

  1. Jedicut monitors if you have changed a cut or a profile since its last record, and offers to save your changes if you close tabs, or if you close Jedicut.
  2. Windows can be closed using the escape key on the keyboard : handy when you want to quickly close a window without seeking the "Cancel" button (the tabs are not affected by this feature, fortunately...).

There are also many fixes and improvements that I could mention exhaustively. For example, the release include:

  • A correction of a bug when opening a file in which user doesn't chose a profile,
  • The ability to save and open a profile with no point entered,
  • A correction of labels tabs when you first backup your work
  • Deleting an error message that appeared wrongly when opening files with jdp or dat format
  • Improved the size of the main window for low-resolution screens,
  • Improved the design of the window of the cycle of cutting,
  • Improved translation system to force the translation of all open tabs when user change language,
  • Changing the zoom value in the cycle of cutting window (until better)
  • A correction of a bug causing a general crash of Jedicut when closing the settings window when cutting file is open ...

To use this release of Jedicut it's simple:

  • You download this file:
  • You replace your Jedicut.exe file with the one contained in the zip.

Your feedback is welcome on the forum in the discussion related to Jedicut v2.3.2.5 .

Have a good time!

August 13

New R4M interface

Our sponsor, rc-etmathe, sale a new version of its G4M interface and renamed it in R4M.


For those unfamiliar with this module, it can be compatible with the card MDLCNC GMFC software. Why talking about this interface on Aeropassion ?

Just because Jedicut is also compatible with the module that adds two interesting features to MDLCNC :

  • It adds an external timer
  • It adds wire heating control

And this new version brings a new feature: limit/reference switches (not supported by Jedicut).

Another big advantage of this module: It can be adapted on most CNC interface like Chinese ones that offer neither heated nor external timer.

To order or inquire about this module:

January 3

A new project : Bean's Legacy

I'd like to tell you about a new project : Bean's Legacy

This project is for people who like numbers and people who don't like them. To people who want to master their performance, or people who just want to easily know where they are.

The objective of this project is to easily count different events in our life through a mobile app.

For modelers, the idea is that you can easily follow the life of our models:

  • number of flights
  • number of crashes
  • number of charging batteries and their capacities
  • flight time per week, per month or per year
  • number of flights of sensitive parts of our models
  • number of broken helicopter blades
  • number of CNC cuts made ​​to your club or for yourself
  • number of kilometers or miles to go to your club house
  • number of competitions
  • number of points in competition
  • ...

I want to create a simple, fun, and essential mobile app for everyone, to follow all kind of activities.

Yet no slogan, no logo, not even a screenshot to show you. I just created a simple website that allows you to follow the project :

You can also follow the project on Twitter and talk about it with the hashtag #beanslegacy and on Facebook.

I will regularly publish ideas of situation where this mobile app will be essential, and I will show the progress of the project.

I will not deny that my motivation will grow with the number of followers ;)

Share the url of project, talk about it, and I wish you a happy new year ;)

September 15

Arduino and USB adaptor for CNC cutting

It's the end of summer and a new project is shared on Aeropassion's forum. It's a new solution, cheap and easy to build, to create an USB adaptor for the parallel port of your CNC board.

Do you know Arduino ? Martin had the idea to buil a simple adaptor. The most important part was creating programs. Martin create a program for Arduino, and a new plugin for Jedicut.

You can read more about this solution on the forum :,8582


May 12

A very interesting CNC board from

Since 2010, the CNC shop supports Jedicut. It also translate Jedicut in Hungarian.

The CNC board called "H2 PCB controller" can handle 4 steppers without external timer. It's compatible whith many different software.


Some specifications :

  • 2-phase, bipolar, micro-step motor control,
  • Micro-step values, selected by jumpers: 1; 1/2; 1/8; 1/16,
  • Power-output with maximum 35V, 3.5A DC for each motor,
  • Mixed mode current decay with PWM regulation,
  • Silent holding path operating mode,
  • Maximum 100kHz stepping frequency,
  • 4-range, jumperable, motor current regulation,
  • 5 input ports (prepared to use end position and digitallable switches),
  • 1 relay output (one-pole, maximum load 230V, 3A),
  • 2-bit TTL expansion port,
  • Protection against overheating,

You can buy it with or whithout box.

A photo of the very heat sink.


With Jedicut and other softwares, it's more interesting to use an external timer. For these CNC softwares, this shop offers an external timer which name is "E2 pulse generator". Take a look at the little additional module over the main CNC board.


You can visit this shop here :

It delivers all around the world, and speak English, Hungarian, Slovak and German.

May 7

Improve your G4M adaptor

Some time ago I present the G4M adaptor sold by our partener Franck from the website More recently, I publish a new Jedicut version included a new feature for this adaptor.

Actually, the G4M adaptor doesn't work like a MM2001 because of one signal. When your chose "manuel heating control", this adaptor dont send heating signal to the computer. So your computer doesn't know the heating value you set up on your CNC board.

This explain the new feature I add with the new Jedicut release, your free CNC form cutting software.

But I talked about that with Franck and he found a solution. He tested it and it works ! The new version of G4M adaptor should have this evolution.

You can do it yourself , it's simple. : there are only 2 welds as shown on this photo :


It's simple !

April 21

Jedicut 2.3.2 : improvements and corrections

Confirmation window for CNC cutting

This window shows the heating control mode you select manually on your CNC board. I changed the display to make it more efficient.

Now you can read:

  • "PC" when it is the PC handle the heating value.
  • "External" when you choose to set heating value manually from the CNC board.
  • "N/A", used for CNC board without signal to indicate this information.

Heating control wizard

The G4M adapter doesn't have signal to indicate the heating value when the heating control is set to "manually" on your board. It's not embarrassing for CFMG, it was for Jedicut.

I improve the heating control wizard.


You can set up wire heating values like that :

  1. You click on "Measure 1",
  2. You click in the check box that is next to the percentage of heating value (see illustration),
  3. You specify a heating value that you want to send to the CNC board,
  4. You select a slow speed,
  5. You click on "Test".

If heating value is "ok" for you, click on "Save" button. If not, change the heating value and click on "Test" button to try again.

When the first measure is ok, click on "measure 2" and repeat the test with a high speed value (as fast as possible).

Bug fixed

Since the previous version of Jedicut, there is a bug in the display of cutting project when you prepare more than one cutting project at a time (when you had multiple tabs). It's fixed.

The arrow settings disappeared when you open the window of cutting cycle manager : fixed.

A little extra

I don't know about you, but I'm used to exit of windows software configuration by pressing the "Esc" key. The effect is the same as clicking on the cross, or clicking on "Cancel". It's just faster!

I never put it up on Jedicut. It is now done, and the navigation in Jedicut is really faster.

As usual, if you find new bugs, if you have new ideas, come and share it on the forum of the CNC cutting.

April 9

USB/Parallel port adapter of Xavtronic

For some time Xavier's website is offline. Pending the return of his website, he decided to share on Aeropassion all documents needed to build its USB / parallel port adapter.

Digital StillCamera

February 11

Manfred's table described on the forum

Manfred posted message from month ago. Now he describes his wire heating table one the forums and there are what you can see.

Manfred also share a zip... I think it should interest you...

And you, what kind of table do you build ?




January 31

Oops... Jedicut is already available

Thanks to MAES and its message on Jedicut's forum, I corrected a bug with translation in the new Jedicut version.

Jedicut is already available, specially for the non french speakers ;)

You can download it on the Jedicut's download page.

January 26

Jedicut 2.3.1 corrects and impoves

For this first version of the year, new fixes and improvements in response to messages left on the forum of Jedicut.

You will find :

  • A correction of the structure of file of translation
  • A correction of the display in the wizard cutting
  • A correction in the control of input in Wizard cutting
  • Better management of the display window for the cuts that will appeal especially people with large screens,
  • A change in the display for the cutting cycle, hoping that it will solve the problems faced by some people.

As usual, the forum of CNCc utting is here to accommodate all your questions.

Go to the download page of Jedicut.

December 31

German translation updated

Thanks to Manfred, you can fin a new German translation for Jedicut.

You can download it on the forum :,8132

November 21

Jedicut has a new polish translation

Thanks to Józef, Jedicut has a new polish translation.

To update your Jedicut installation, you can download the file attached to this page using the links below, and place it on the "Lang" Jedicut's directory.

This new polish translation will be added into the Jedicut's setup with the next release.

Thank you Józef !

And you, can you translate or update Jedicut's in your language ?

How to do it :,4562

October 9

DXF update for Jedicut

Pascal published an update to the DXF Jedicut's plugin DXF. He corrected a bug affecting some splines.

To install it, download the zip file attached to this article, and copy the contents of the archive into the directory "Dll" of Jedicut.

Your feedback will be welcome as always in case of error.

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