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October 9

DXF update for Jedicut

Pascal published an update to the DXF Jedicut's plugin DXF. He corrected a bug affecting some splines.

To install it, download the zip file attached to this article, and copy the contents of the archive into the directory "Dll" of Jedicut.

Your feedback will be welcome as always in case of error.

September 13

External timer and wire heating control

You have a Chinese CNC board (or other) to drive 4 step motors? Do you want to add heating and an external timer in order to improve speed control ?

Here's a little device, and its price is very interesting.

Letmathe - G4M

You can use this adapter with Jedicut of course, but also with GMFC or any other software compatible with MM2001 CNC board.

And if you can weld a-yourself kit is available;)

For more details, you can take a look at this page :

Update March 23 Dynamic heating control doesn't work whith Jedicut. You can use manual heating control on your board, or static heating control in Jedicut. I'm working on a new plugin for this board to improve that.

August 24

Jedicut 2.3.0 : Important new features and bug corrections

Jedicut just passed an important milestone with major changes in its core, which opens up many new features thanks to plugins.

What is a plugin ?

A plugin consists of one or more files you can add to a software in order to add it new features. They have the particularity of not being required for the main software, and sometimes plugins live independently (with a self cycle of development).

An example: If Jedicut can't control the CNC board you have, maybe someone has developed a plugin to add compatibility ?

The types of plugins supported by Jedicut

Jedicut v2.3 supports two families of plugins:

  • Plugins of communication: This is the famous "dll" that allows you to choose a mode of communication for your CNc board.
  • Plugins of file: it's new. They are used to manage open files in Jedicut. Example: Jedicut can't open the dxf file. Special plugin "opening dxf" would be interesting is not it?

All plugins on which I have personally worked are available in open-source LGPL (see sources for more information about this license). I will publish the sources of new plugins soon, after a little reorganization of the SVN.

A special forum is available for developpers who can want to program their own plugins : Discussions on Jedicut plugins (a french forum but you can also post in english ;).

Plugins of communication

The plugins of Jedicut allowed to make far Jedicut compatible with many CNC boards. These plugins of communication have also been published in open source, allowing many developers to try to develop plugins for Jedicut in order to :

  • Add a new card type CNC,
  • Improve the compatibility of Jedicut with different versions of Windows,
  • Improve existing plugins.

Currently all plugins were developed in Delphi, and some data formats that I used did not allow you to program a plugin in another language.

After some research on the compatibility of programming languages, I adapted some data formats. For you, the behavior of Jedicut should not change over previous versions, against the potential for development and evolution are now much bigger !

Plugins of file

There are currently two plugins of file. The first one you found in an earlier beta version of Jedicut. It can open dat files.

Nothing new you say. For you it's true. But for me it was a lot of work since it allowed me to validate the structure of the plugins of file, and I was able to validate all internal developments, essential to use this new type of plugins.

The novelty is here : Jedicut can now open DXF files!

This was made possible through the work of Pascal Langer, a member of the team-5X Project (, who developed a dll named CNCTools.dll, to manage the dxf files (among other features, as it also supports file formats dedicated to milling).

He offered to use his dll, and this is where the concept of plugin has simplified our work.

I still does not exploit all the features offered by Pascal's dll, but there is currently a major limitation: this plugin only works on Windows XP and above. Pascal is aware of this problem and it will work on it when he will have time.

For now Jedicut can open dxf files with a single profile. To provide a friendly interface in the case of a dxf file containing more than one profile, I have to find a good idea, and I have to program it.

Other changes Jedicut

There are big developments like the introduction of plugins, and there are smaller changes but are nonetheless important. Here's what changed.

  • Configuring the Parallel Port: previously only the signals of the motors were freely assignable. It is now the case for all signals.
  • Copy / paste: I accidentally deleted this feature a long time ago. It is now restored.
  • Bug in the display profiles to the profiles in "x" whose coordinates range from 0 to 1, and when you configure a thick skin and twisting. Not easy to explain, but it's fixed.
  • Bug when launching Jedicut when Jedicut.ini is in read-only mode : it is corrected.
  • Bug when external timer is absent and it's checked in options Jedicut : Jedicut could freeze sometimes . This is fixed.
  • Bug opening "jdc" file on a french Windows, when they were created on English Windows (problem of unity). It's a case difficult to describe, but it's fixed.


I joined the new translations that were posted on the forum. Jedicut is now translated into Czech and Polish. Spanish and English translations were also updated.

Note in passing: The translations have always one step behind, it is normal if you see some new messages not translated in Jedicut.


This new version is rich in innovation and bug fixes. As usual, in case of error or issue, the forum is here :

Go to the download page to find Jedicut :

If you like Jedicut and if you want to support it, you can do many things :

  • Add a link to Aeropassion's website on your own site
  • Share your CNC project on Jedicut's forum
  • Translate Jedicut or improve existing translations
  • Program new plugins
  • ...

You can simply talk about Jedicut around you ;)

January 22

Jedicut 2.2.2 is avalaible

This new official Jedicut version offers a new guillotine called "Oblique"! The screenshot speaks for itself, except that now Jedicut precise the angle of the cut you just order it.


Many of you have requested this feature, I hope it will be useful.

The second important development concerns the plugins communication. VisualCNC and CncNet have been modified to increase the maximum speed of rotation of motors in case you do not use external timer.

Most observers have noticed a new plugin communication is called MDLCNC. It can control the cards of the same name cards or equivalent.

I also reviewed the code for opening Visuaero dat files.

I also slightly changed the interface of the wizard cutting. This is just the beginning. Hopefully then I can just focus on the miscalculations of the wizard that you may encounter.

Speaking of interface, I also improved the profile window because now you can move the drawing of the profile with the mouse, as the profiles of the cuts, and you can also apply a zoom on the line profile.

Traditionally, I also fixed some bugs like the one that concerned the recording of the skin and recording settings wizard with your cutting.

I also have bad and good news: the plugin for Xavier's USB adapter should work again, but the bad news is that I had to disable the heating control. I hope this is temporary.

As usual, please tell me the bugs on the forum of Aeropassion. And the new version Jedicut is available on the download page.

I would also remind you that plugins communication are now available as open source under GPL v3 licence. I create a project in Google code to allow all volunteers to participate in development of these plugins. For more information, please visit this page.

October 1

Jedicut 2.2.1 is available !

Now you can download the new Jedicut version with many corrections and some new features like an inch to millimeters convertor, a reference point for your motors, and the possibility to use and save many table configuration.

April 5

Install Jedicut : now it's easy !

Now you can dowload a setup file for Jedicut ! You will install and update Jedicut easily.


Go to Jedicut download web page.

March 27

Jedicut 2.2.0 : A magic cutting wizard !

The first Jedicut release of the year is available and the main feature is a new powerful cutting wizard !

Take a look at this cut :


And there is a the cutting wizard configuration. The small rectangular shape represent the material to cut.


The cutting preview shows this :


And there is the result !


What do you think about this ? ;)

I also correct/improve some few features :

  • Improve cutting preview IHM,
  • Improve cycle of cut IHM,
  • Add new Hungarian translation,
  • Fix translation files,
  • Fix an error when loading the list of materials

I worked on this new Jedicut release since september 2008, and it may contains some bugs. Please report errors on Aeropassion boards.

Help file and online Jedicut description are not up to date yet ;)

Download Jedicut.

March 14

New home page and new blog

Some month ago, a new french Aeropassion home page was born. Gradually, all Aeropassion website will be modify in order to respect the new design.

Today it's time for english home page to be reborn !

I also create a new english blog to easily post news. A french blog already exist and it contains many articles. My English is not very good so I suggest you use google translate to read it ;)

Another small information : a new Jedicut release is coming...

Have fun !

July 22

Jedicut 2.1.9 : Important fix for parallel port

In the last Jedicut version, I modify all dll files and I made a mistake in the function which should read heating value. I correct this bug in this new version !

I also add a new toolbar, very useful if you have resolution higher than 800*600, and I update Jedicut help files ! You can find the new Jedicut's description on this website.

If you need help or find Jedicut's bug, please leave a mesage on the forum. It's not necessary to be registered to post message ;)

June 25

Jedicut 2.1.8 : Precise control of heating

Jedicut is back with many new features. The most important is the dynamic wire heating control. Before doing a cut, Jedicut will calculate the good heat value for each profile's point ! If you want to take a look at this functionality before starting the cut, you can open the cut preview. A new tab offer the possibility to view the graph of heat values !

To use this new functionality, you need a cnc board whith external timer, and you have to configure your material list in the Jedicut's options. To simplify this configuration, I add a new configuration wizard. In order to do the 2 needed measures at 2 different speed per material, you just have to add you material in the list, choose a speed and a distance to run, and click on the "Test" button. After that, Jedicut will read the heat value of your board. To save your measure, clique on the "v1" or the "v2" case corresponding to your material and to your measure number, and click on the "Save" Button.

It's a little bit complicate to explain with my bad english, but it's really easy to use ;)


For USB adaptor, I have modified the dll in order to use the pin configuration of MM2001 CNC board. You must need to update your firmware available on Xavtronic website.

This new Jedicut version contain some new other functionalities but I leave you to discover it ! Thanks to Fabricio for its italian translation of Jedicut !

I'll complete the Jedicut web presentation and the help file another day ;) Don't forget the forum if you need help, or if you want to share your experiences !

May 22

Jedicut 2.1.7 : Cut more complex shapes

Jedicut allowed you to cut whatever shape, simple one or more complex one, whatever the number of points wich describe profiles. Jedicut allowed you to add several ribs, whatever its characteristics. Jedicut allowed you to easily configure the cycle of each cut.

Jedicut has now a new feature : you can cut all complexes profiles using key points (points of synchronization). Look at the sample behind (source :


You can now control your MM2001 CNC board (and compatibles) with USB. To do this, you need to build Xavier's adapter wich is a USB/parallel port adapter. Configure Jedicut as for a MM2001 board and select XavierHID.dll in options of Jedicut.

I add few other features and correct some bugs. Jedicut is now translated in russian. Thanks to Vladimir for this translation ;)

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