Jedicut is back with many new features. The most important is the dynamic wire heating control. Before doing a cut, Jedicut will calculate the good heat value for each profile's point ! If you want to take a look at this functionality before starting the cut, you can open the cut preview. A new tab offer the possibility to view the graph of heat values !

To use this new functionality, you need a cnc board whith external timer, and you have to configure your material list in the Jedicut's options. To simplify this configuration, I add a new configuration wizard. In order to do the 2 needed measures at 2 different speed per material, you just have to add you material in the list, choose a speed and a distance to run, and click on the "Test" button. After that, Jedicut will read the heat value of your board. To save your measure, clique on the "v1" or the "v2" case corresponding to your material and to your measure number, and click on the "Save" Button.

It's a little bit complicate to explain with my bad english, but it's really easy to use ;)


For USB adaptor, I have modified the dll in order to use the pin configuration of MM2001 CNC board. You must need to update your firmware available on Xavtronic website.

This new Jedicut version contain some new other functionalities but I leave you to discover it ! Thanks to Fabricio for its italian translation of Jedicut !

I'll complete the Jedicut web presentation and the help file another day ;) Don't forget the forum if you need help, or if you want to share your experiences !