This new official Jedicut version offers a new guillotine called "Oblique"! The screenshot speaks for itself, except that now Jedicut precise the angle of the cut you just order it.


Many of you have requested this feature, I hope it will be useful.

The second important development concerns the plugins communication. VisualCNC and CncNet have been modified to increase the maximum speed of rotation of motors in case you do not use external timer.

Most observers have noticed a new plugin communication is called MDLCNC. It can control the cards of the same name cards or equivalent.

I also reviewed the code for opening Visuaero dat files.

I also slightly changed the interface of the wizard cutting. This is just the beginning. Hopefully then I can just focus on the miscalculations of the wizard that you may encounter.

Speaking of interface, I also improved the profile window because now you can move the drawing of the profile with the mouse, as the profiles of the cuts, and you can also apply a zoom on the line profile.

Traditionally, I also fixed some bugs like the one that concerned the recording of the skin and recording settings wizard with your cutting.

I also have bad and good news: the plugin for Xavier's USB adapter should work again, but the bad news is that I had to disable the heating control. I hope this is temporary.

As usual, please tell me the bugs on the forum of Aeropassion. And the new version Jedicut is available on the download page.

I would also remind you that plugins communication are now available as open source under GPL v3 licence. I create a project in Google code to allow all volunteers to participate in development of these plugins. For more information, please visit this page.