Since 2010, the CNC shop supports Jedicut. It also translate Jedicut in Hungarian.

The CNC board called "H2 PCB controller" can handle 4 steppers without external timer. It's compatible whith many different software.


Some specifications :

  • 2-phase, bipolar, micro-step motor control,
  • Micro-step values, selected by jumpers: 1; 1/2; 1/8; 1/16,
  • Power-output with maximum 35V, 3.5A DC for each motor,
  • Mixed mode current decay with PWM regulation,
  • Silent holding path operating mode,
  • Maximum 100kHz stepping frequency,
  • 4-range, jumperable, motor current regulation,
  • 5 input ports (prepared to use end position and digitallable switches),
  • 1 relay output (one-pole, maximum load 230V, 3A),
  • 2-bit TTL expansion port,
  • Protection against overheating,

You can buy it with or whithout box.

A photo of the very heat sink.


With Jedicut and other softwares, it's more interesting to use an external timer. For these CNC softwares, this shop offers an external timer which name is "E2 pulse generator". Take a look at the little additional module over the main CNC board.


You can visit this shop here :

It delivers all around the world, and speak English, Hungarian, Slovak and German.