I'd like to tell you about a new project : Bean's Legacy

This project is for people who like numbers and people who don't like them. To people who want to master their performance, or people who just want to easily know where they are.

The objective of this project is to easily count different events in our life through a mobile app.

For modelers, the idea is that you can easily follow the life of our models:

  • number of flights
  • number of crashes
  • number of charging batteries and their capacities
  • flight time per week, per month or per year
  • number of flights of sensitive parts of our models
  • number of broken helicopter blades
  • number of CNC cuts made ​​to your club or for yourself
  • number of kilometers or miles to go to your club house
  • number of competitions
  • number of points in competition
  • ...

I want to create a simple, fun, and essential mobile app for everyone, to follow all kind of activities.

Yet no slogan, no logo, not even a screenshot to show you. I just created a simple website that allows you to follow the project : www.beanslegacy.com

You can also follow the project on Twitter and talk about it with the hashtag #beanslegacy and on Facebook.

I will regularly publish ideas of situation where this mobile app will be essential, and I will show the progress of the project.

I will not deny that my motivation will grow with the number of followers ;)

Share the url of project, talk about it, and I wish you a happy new year ;)