Few years ago I created a file repository on Google code for the plugins of Jedicut which are open source.

Google announced the end of this service, and GitHub is the logical successor. Google itself publishes its open source projects on GitHub.

For people who are interested to participate in the development of plugins for Jedicut, or to participate in the translation of Jedicut, I created a repository for each subject:

  • jedicut-devices-extensions: This repository hosts the communications plugins (the famous dll) to make Jedicut compatible with any CNC board, whether CNC board with parallel port or CNC board with USB port.
  • jedicut-files-extensions : This repository hosts the plugins to open and save files of any format. Currently published sources are the plugin to open/write DAT files and the plugin used to open DXF files.
  • jedicut-translations : this new repository hosts Jedicut translation files.

I published an article on TortoiseSVN. It's no longer valid with GitHub which is based on Git system, and not on SVN system.

For my part, I choosed to use TortoiseGit, one of the best graphical UI for Git.

Don't hesitate to ask questions if you need help to participe to Jedicut developments.