Because there is still time to do it, I wish you a happy new year to you and your loved ones, full of successful cuts and crazy flights. For the rest, health, money... your family and colleagues have had to take care of :p

By early this year I took a little time to prepare a new homepage. The design changed radically, but that's not all.

This new page is based on the Bootstrap framework and aim to be responsive design. Say otherwise, this design is perfect on computer, tablet or smartphone.

Why do this instead of working on Jedicut?

First part of the answer: Google decided to penalize sites that were not "responsive design", which caused a fall in visitor numbers and inevitably a fall in advertising revenue needed to pay server.

Second part of the answer: I had some feedback on the old blue design saying readability was not good because of the white and blue contrast, and the small size of the font.

Third part of the answer: I wanted to learn something new ;)

And now ?

Before spread throughout the site, I need your advice on whether you enjoy this style, if the site is more readable than before, if the site is comfortable, and just know if you like it.

In the meantime I'll work on the site to make it disappear completely the old purple design that still exist on the older pages. They will turn blue to maybe one day turn to gray ;)

Thank you in advance for your feedback!